More than a decade into the age of social media, maintaining one's own web site certainly is rather pointless: For all reasonable communication needs, there is a multitude of channels optimized for letting out steam, noise or any other kind of verbal / symbolic commuincation, on the net.

And people interested in hearing my kind of noise are almost certainly not going here to hear it.

Hence, for many years, has been mostly a dump ground for material, I needed to share with someone at whatever occasion, for whatever reason.

Today, most of what I need to share, is related to the proj.4 cartographic projection system, which I'm spending a large part of my work-time (and a too large part of my spare time) to help turning towards a versatile, full-service geodetic transformation system.

About Thomas Knudsen...

I work as a geodesist at SDFE, the Danish NMA, and have a background in research, doing PhD- and postdoctoral work at what is now the Geodetic Department of the Danish National Space Institute.

In 2008, I left research, and can testify that you can live a happy and fulfilling work life, with interesting tasks and wonderful colleagues, both inside and outside of the sacred academic halls.

My family life is also both happy and fulfilling, but apart from mentioning that my wife (also a geoscience PhD) is wonderful and extremely clever, and that the same can be said about my three teenage kids, I will keep this site free from personal stuff.